Gina + Omar

Aside from their attractive looks, Gina & Omar's love for one another shines the brightest!  He's quite, smiles often, but by the end of the night he's laughing and dancing.  (I'd like to think it was our personalities that made this happen but it's possible a few tequila drinks and the fact he just got married a gorgeous woman might have helped as well).  She's, well, just look at her, beautiful! But she's also kind and loves to laugh (yes!).  So when they asked us be part of their wedding in Cancun, Mexico, we were super excited! We would have been equally excited if they got married here in Fresno, CA. but it's people like Gina & Omar that makes our job so amazing.  

We couldn't have picked a more beautiful and amazing couple to finish our 2012 wedding season, even if we tried.  This is every photographer's dream, working and meeting people like Gina + Omar.  Being in Cancun, Mexico was just a perk~