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Welcome to WINK! Photobooth Co.!

Vicky & Bina Campos Photography is proud to announced a new and fun addition to our company, WINK! Photobooth Co., which was specifically created for our future brides & grooms who want to bring a little fun, laughter and timeless memories to their wedding day.  It's a perfect way to entertain your guest, but most importantly, you're able to capture a lifetime of memories in one single day! 


What do you mean “Photobooth?”

You remember hanging out with your friends at the arcade as a kids, being drawn to that big, black, bulky photo box, squeezing yourselves in just to take a few fun photos?  You remember?! Making silly faces, laughing and poking fun at each other in the process, then anxiously waiting to see the photo strip.  You must remember?!  One look at the photo strip and you almost fall to the floor in laughter, then walking away together with a timeless memory in hand.  WINK! Photobooth Co. has the same idea minus the big, black, bulky box.  Our photo booth is modern, portable, and doesn't require a lot of space.  It an open air photo booth which allows you and your friends to move with easy.  So let that kid inside you come out for a night of fun and laughs.  It was fun then, and our modern version is even more fun!


WINK! Photobooth Co. has mastered the perfect design of real steel, open air photo booth, specifically designed for speed, ease of use, and great photos.  

Our photo booth comes with a High Definition quality camera and video, professional lighting, LCD touchscreen and prints high resolution images.  The best part, we're able to record short video messages straight from our booth!




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