Wedding Photography Testimonials

I would like to begin by thanking Bina and Vicky Campos for being involved throughout our engagement/wedding process and making it such a memorable experience. I first came across Vicky & Bina Campos Photography by accident. I remember looking at their beautiful pictures online and knowing immediately at that moment that I would one day have the opportunity to work with them. A few months later a friend posted a few engagement pictures online, they were flawless; I was in love with the pictures! I was extremely thrilled to learn that the pictures were by Vicky & Bina Campos Photography! A year later I was engaged! I knew exactly which photographers I wanted for our big day.

My initial contact was with Bina, she was so kind and attentive. We discussed what I wanted for our engagement pictures for a few minutes then decided to meet in person so we could further discuss the details. Within the first few minutes of meeting the Campos sisters in person I knew we had made the best decision in choosing them as our photographers. They were very professional throughout our meeting, they showed us their portfolio, and gave us helpful suggestions. The meeting had just validated what I already knew, they were THE photographers. At the same time I was nervous, I now had the privilege of having Vicky and Bina shoot our engagement session, but I did not know if they were willing to take our wedding pictures. My now husband and I decided our wedding would be in Cancun! I thought there would be no way they would be willing to travel to another country just for our wedding. I was beyond ecstatic when they agreed to join us in our adventure.

In December of 2012 my husband and I were married and we had the honor of having Vicky & Bina Campos capture every moment of that special day. They were with us every single step of the way from our engagement to wedding pictures always making sure everything was perfect and to our liking. Needless to say in the end we had AMAZING pictures. Vicky and Bina were always involved throughout the whole process and they were always more than happy to answer any questions. The passion Vicky and Bina have for photography is evident. They truly put their heart and soul into what they do and it shows through the quality of their work. I will forever be grateful for all of their hard work, time and dedication. They will always be a part of our lives and continue to capture every special moment in it.

Gina + Omar Moreno

Gaby + Kenneth Guereque

The day of our wedding was one of the most memorable days we have ever experience in our lives. To have the memories captured by photo just as I remember, is what Vicky & Albina Photography did for us. Their sociable personality, as well as their professional attitude gave us the peace we needed, to know they would complete the job!

After receiving my video and pictures, we was able to share the experience with friends and family as a wonderful reminder of the great time we had the day of our wedding.  For those family members and friends that couldn't attend our wedding all commented that the video and pictures made them feel as if they had been a part of our special day.

We are so happy to have had Vicky & Albina Photography be part of our special day.  We are completely satisfied with their work and we are confident that they continue to provide great quality work for every milestone in our lives.  

Thank you Vicky & Bina Photography, we couldn't have asked for better photographers / videographers!

Tricia + Heda Saucedo


Before my husband even asked me to marry him I knew that I wanted Vicky and Bina to do our photography.  I had gotten to see some of their beautiful work as they did both photos and video for weddings of friends of ours and I absolutely loved their work. I’ve heard plenty of stories over the years from friends about how they didn’t pick a good photographer or they hated the way their wedding photos turned out and I never wanted that to happen to me, I wanted quality photos that I would love and that would last a lifetime. I knew that I had nothing to worry about with Vicky and Bina.  As soon as we could, we booked our engagement session with them and from the first time we spoke we just clicked, I knew we were going to have a great time working with them. The entire process from start to finish was such a joy; everything seemed to go so smoothly. They always presented themselves very professionally and with a great attitude.  They were very welcoming and genuinely cared about our special day and how our photos came out. They kept us very well informed before and during both our engagement session and our wedding day, we never felt like we were in the dark or had questions about anything because they always seemed to have answered them before we could even ask. You can tell that they have a true passion for what they do, it shows in the way they treat their clients and the work that they produce.

One of the things we got to experience on our wedding day is called the “First Look”. It’s where the bride and groom get to see each other for the first time on their wedding day, but before the ceremony. I admit I was a little weary of the idea at first. I wasn’t sure I wanted to break the tradition of my soon to be husband seeing me for the first time on our wedding day walking down the aisle. From experience though, it was so worth it. By doing the first look we got that private emotion filled moment of seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day and it was beautifully captured on camera. I really felt like we had the time to actually take the moment in and enjoy it. It was still just as special to walk down the aisle and see him standing there waiting for me too! Doing the first look also allowed us to get a lot of our photos out of the way before the ceremony. This was great for us because our reception was immediately following the ceremony and we did not want to keep our guests waiting. I would definitely recommend doing the first look; it was truly a special moment!

All in all, we absolutely loved every moment we got to spend with Ablina and Vicky. We could not have asked for two better people to do our engagement photos and wedding photos, it was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with them. We love you Vicky and Bina! 


~Tricia + Heda

Krystyn + Jaycee Williams


Vicky & Bina Campos Photography made my dreams come true for the biggest day of my life!  After seeing their excellent quality of work with previous events, there was no doubt in my mind who I'd have there on my wedding day. My husband Jaycee and I were married in November of 2012, and from our engagement pictures until the dance floor at our wedding, they were there capturing every priceless moment. After discussing with them what we desired our photos to portray, they had so many great suggestions and locations to make our photos unique to our taste, yet beautiful at the same time. We are still so grateful for all of the hard work and excellence they invested in to making our big day so special. Thanks to Vicky & Bina, we now have these beautiful memories for the rest of our lives!  

Krys Williams

Jeanette + Chris Whitlow


We had the honor of having Vicky & Bina as our photographers for our wedding day. We absolutely loved their work and fell in love with them as well. From the first time we met these two ladies we immediately felt a connection. They were very poised, organized, professional, and very friendly.  

Bina was very thorough and made great suggestions to help with the timeline of our wedding day, which was perfect for a bride planning her special day!

Vicky was very welcoming and we never felt nervous in front of the camera. These two ladies really depicted our personalities in both our photos and videos. We took pictures in multiple locations and were able to use many different props. We loved how creative and excited they were when they knew they captured a great picture!

We love the quality of our photos. They are so colorful and have such a glow to them and we love displaying them on our walls and giving them as gifts to family members.

We are so happy that we did the "First Look" on our wedding. The special moments my soon-to-be husband and I had before our wedding was so intimate and cherishing.  I loved how we were able to take bride and groom pictures at that time in case there wasn't enough daylight after the wedding ceremony.  We've recommended to all our friends to do a "First Look" because it is so worth it!

Vicky and Bina are wonderful, gifted photographers. They love what they do and they love capturing peoples' happiness and milestones. I can't wait for them to take my maternity pictures........but that will be a LOOOOOONG time from now!

~Jeanette + Chris